Manage Questions & Answers Last update : Jul 22, 2020

AmaretAds permit you to add some field for Advertiser,Publisher subscribe or when a Publisher postulate to a Campaign.


Questions & Answers allow you to add some field to Advertiser, Publisher or Campaign on their account.
It permit you to add more detail about your user when he subscribes or when he postulate to a Campaign.

Create new Question & Answers

First, you need to connect to your admin interface and go to "Parameters" > "Subscribe Personalize" and click on "New" link.


Only Employee with "Manage Platform" right can manage Question & Answer.

Fields details

Field Mandatory Informations
Type Yes Choose if this question is for Advertiser, Publisher or for Campaign (Appear when a Publisher want to postulate to a given campaign)
Campaign Yes (If type is Campaign) Choose the campaign which needs this question.
Field type Yes 3 types are available for your question. Text : Simple text, Yes/NO : Yes/No question, Select : Define some answer possible.
Select choices Yes (If field type is Select) Define a list of pair (key/value) available as answer for users. Key is what you want to see, Value is what the user see (For example you want 1 for Miss, you put 1 in key and Miss in value).
Mandatory Yes Define if this question is needed to validate subscribe or postulate.
Status Yes Define if this question is active or not
Content Yes Content of the question.

Manage them

Once you create your first Question & Answer pair, you can show all of them in "Parameters" > "Subscribe Personalize"
Here you can edit or delete them.

Show users answers

When you add some question, a field appear on subscribe formulary.
To show answer, it's depend on type :

  • Advertiser : You can show answers on General tab when you want to edit an Advertiser.
  • Publisher : You can show answers on General tab when you want to edit a Publisher.
  • Campagne : You can show answers when you edit a Candidacy.

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