Create an Employee Last update : Jul 22, 2020

An Employee is an Admin user can access to a lot of features.


Employees are admin user can access to Admin interface. He can work on all features according to rights given (Billing, Manage some platform users, etc).


To manage Employees you need to have "Manage Team" right and access.

Register a new Employee

To add a new Employee you need to connect in Admin mode, go to Parameters > Manage Employees and finally click on "New" link.

Fields detail

Field Mandatory Informations
Username Yes Username use to connect to Admin Platform. Please note login is also use to search Employees
Password/Password Confirmation Yes Password uses to connect to Admin Platform. Password need to have between 8 and 25 characters and at least one capital letter, one lowercase letter, one digit, one special character.
Firstname Yes User's Firstname
Lastname Yes User's Lastname
Email Yes User's Email. This email is use for notification (Please refer to "Manage Notifications" article for more details)
Phone Yes User's Phone
Instant messaging No User's instant messaging contact.
Commission type No Define a default commission type for this Employee's payout. Default : a percent of revenue, Margin : a percent of the margin (Revenue - Repayment), Fixed : a fixed payout for every conversion (Not depend on campaign remuneration)
Commission No A value according to Commission type
Status Yes Activate or not this account

Employees Rights & Access

Once an Employee was create, you can edit his rights & access

Rights Informations
Consult statistics Allow this Employee to consult statistics for entities he has the right to access.
Billing Allow this Employee to access billing features.
Manage campaigns Allow this Employee to manage campaigns.
Manage team Allow this BEmployee to manage other employees and team.
Manage platform Allow this Employee to manage platform details.
Manage publishers Allow this Employee to manage publishers.
Manage advertisers Allow this Employee to manage advertisers.
Manage all campaigns Allow this employee to manage all campaigns, not just the campaigns they are the provider of.
Manage conversions Allow this Employee to manage conversions.
Manage assets Allow this Employee to manage assets on campaigns owned.
Manage user list Allow this Employee to manage user list.

An employee can't edit his own Rights & Access except if he has the "Manage Team" rights.

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