Create an Advertiser Last update : May 12, 2020

Advertiser are Campaigns' owner, if you don't create an Advertiser you can't create a campaign.


Advertiser is a specific user can provide campaign on AmaretAds platform. They can connect to Advertiser interface, manage campaigns, show some statistics and consult billing informations.

It's a basic user to create before add a campaign.

Different way to register an advertiser

AmaretAds allow you to add advertiser on admin mode with an Employee account.
But if you authorize it in platform configuration (Refer to : Manage Platform article) an Advertiser can register on his own on register page.

Add on Admin mode

To add a new Advertiser in Admin mode, go to Advertiser > Add Advertiser

Register yourself

On AmaretAds index page, click on Advertiser "Go to" button.
On login page below login button you can find a link named "Not Already Register ?". Click on it to register as an Advertiser.

Fields detail

Common fields

Field Mandatory Admin Mode Register Yourself Informations
Login Yes Login use to connect to Advertiser Platform. Please note login is also use to search Advertiser
Password/Password Confirmation Yes Password uses to connect to Advertiser Platform. Password need to have between 8 and 25 characters and at least one capital letter, one lowercase letter, one digit, one special character.
Firstname Yes User's Firstname
Lastname Yes User's Lastname
Email Yes User's Email. This email is use for notification (Please refer to "Manage Notifications" article for more details)
Phone Yes User's Phone
Company Name Yes Official company name. Used in billing features.
SIRET Yes Siret number. Used in billing features.
Type Yes Direct Advertiser or Agency.
Address Yes Official registered address. Used in billing features.
Additional Address No Official registered additional address. Used in billing features.
Country Yes Company's country. Used in billing features.
City Yes Official registered city (If you can't find a city in the select, you can just write what you want). Used in billing features.
Zipcode Yes Official registered zipcode. Used in billing features.
Has VAT Yes Define if you want to manage VAT for this advertiser. Refer to "Manage VAT" article for more details
VAT Number Yes Official VAT number. Used in billing features.
Provider No Define a Provider for this Advertiser
Business Provider No Define a Business Provider for this Advertiser
Payment terms No Define a default payment terms in days for billing.
Advertiser No If it's a sub account, define master Advertiser

Additional Fields

AmaretAds platform allow you to add some field for user subscribe.
If you want more details about how to manage this question, refer to "Manage Answer & Questions" article.

Additonal Features

Once an Advertiser has created, in Admin Mode or on Advertiser interface, you can manage some other things about it.

Tab : Comments

Comments tab permit you to assign some comments to you campaign and choose which user's type (Advertiser, Publisher, Employee) can show it.
By default, a comment will be only visible for Employee.
If you choose to add an "End Date", your comment will send as a notification at the date choosen.


On Advertiser interface, comments are only readable if he's showable for Advertiser.

Tab : Payments

This tab allow you to manage different payment method for billing features.
You can add some payment method as Paypal, Bank Transfer or Banck Check.
Only one of them can be activated and used for billing feature.


If you not define a payment method, system automatically create default one when you use billing feature which need payment.


On Advertiser Interface, payment methods are not editable

Tab : Contacts

Here you can manage all contacts' informations for this Advertiser.
This allow you to store all contact you have, like a technical contact, or another account manager.

Tab : Contracts & IO

This section, permit you to manage contracts and IO.
You can generate Contract or IO according to model Admin add on platform (Refer to "Manage Contract & IO models" article).
Also, you can use a storage system to deposit all files.


Storage system is available for Advertiser Interface if he has the right to. If not, Advertiser can only consult files, not add or remove them.

Tab : Sub Accounts

Here you can manage sub advertiser.
An Advertiser can have one or more sub advertiser accounts if you accept it in platform Rights & Access.
As an Advertiser user, you can only manage sub account if your account as the right to.


An Advertiser who has some sub accounts can consult all campaigns and other resources according to sub account rights and access.
But a sub account can't access to master Advertiser resources.

Tab : Rights & Access

This tab allow you to manage Rights & Access for this Advertiser.

Rights Informations
Create sub advertiser Allow this Advertiser to manage sub account
Manage campaigns Allow this Advertiser to manage campaigns
Manage candidacies Allow this Advertiser to manage candidacies
Manage assets Allow this Advertiser to manage assets on campaigns owned
Use store for files (Contract & IO) Allow this Advertiser to use storage system

An Advertiser can't edit his own Rights & Access.

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